Seek the Value-Added

This may seem straightforward and obvious, but our approach should seek-out and focus on those activities that add value.  But what do we mean by that? – Value-Added Activities include:

  • Focusing on What is Important to the Business
  • Quick Wins and/or “Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Achieving Your Desired Results, and/or Getting KPI Results
  • Ensuring Your Roadmap and Timeline is Realistic and Practical

Seek-out and Focus on Those Activities That Add Value

What is significant about seeking the Value-Added [1] is identifying those aspects which will help to gain momentum, and contribute towards building a critical mass.

References, and Links to Further Explanations

  1. Learn more about Value-Added Activities, along with the identification and elimination of muda or waste in our Learning to See Training: Muda is Waste.

Insight from a Master Sensei

Make sure you Seek the Value-Added in everything that you do.  And what is the KPI [2] or target that I/we want to achieve?  Ensure this is defined by a clear purpose and a reason for why you are solving the problem or making an improvement activity…  This is important because it becomes a “Win/Win” for all of those involved, which builds momentum.

References, and Links to Further Explanations

  1. KPIs is one of the Secondary Elements of Our Paradigms: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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