Methodology Description

In today’s business environment, many companies are doing more and working harder with limited resources.  Unfortunately, there is also little or nothing to show for their ongoing efforts to be competitive.  Whether it’s through innovation, cost cutting, or process improvements, because of fierce competition in the marketplace, sustaining long-term results have been difficult.

In order to be competitive and ensure long-term sustainment in the marketplace, Structured LEAN uses the concepts and methodologies based on the philosophies of the Toyota Production System (TPS).  By using a balanced implementation approach, your efforts are maximized to achieve the desired results.  The key elements for learning and implementing the approach are:

Customized Solutions Utilizing a Balanced Implementation Approach:

1. Mechanical Tools

  • Explain and Apply the Concepts and Methods

2. Management System

  • Build the Structure for Long-Term Sustainability

3. Human Aspects

  • Develop the Organizational Capabilities


Our Objective is to Focus on the Complete Business System,

               known as a Systems-Level Approach.


The way in which these elements are successfully incorporated into the lean implementation method is to understand:

A. Philosophy, and Understanding the Background

  • To Better Understand the Original Intent and Meaning

B. Fundamentals of the Concepts and Methodology

  • Structured Approach for Applying the LEAN Principles

C. Practical Application

  • Applying the Concepts and Methods to Your Specific Situation

All of these elements are key components for driving a new understanding and way of doing things.  In essence, this is also the core of what Toyota does differently: its culture, and the values that are lived-out in order to achieve results and sustain them for the long-term while constantly remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Our Philosophical Objective

Our primary purpose is to focus on the practical application of your implementation capabilities in order to achieve your desired results.  Our philosophy and the intent behind this is to develop and empower your own capabilities through a partnership of teaching and coaching, so you may sustain them over the long-term and become self-sufficient in your ability to:

  • Achieve your Strategic Objectives
  • Maximize your Efforts, Effectively and Efficiently
  • Continuously Improve
  • Capitalize on the Strengths, Knowledge, and the Experiences of Your Team Members
  • Sustain On-Going Development, and Change

A Core Team of former Toyota Executives and Managers with Careers in the Japanese Business Culture:

  • Deep Conceptual Understanding of the Philosophy and Concepts
    of the TOYOTA Production System
  • Leadership and Operational Experience with Emphasis on the Bottom-line
  • Experience in Global Application Across Multiple Industries

Extensive Network of Local Representatives who have been Trained and Coached in the Toyota Way:

  • Understanding of the Local Language and Culture
  • Experience in Practical Application Across Multiple
    Cultures, Blending the Toyota Structure with the Local Culture
  • Leadership and Implementation Experience Based Upon a
    Strategic Roadmap

Functional Area Experience and Expertise:

  • Shop Floor Management System / Point Kaizen, and Process
    Improvement /
  • Systems-Level Kaizen
  • Management System, and Operations Management / Project
    Management /
  • Strategic Kaizen / Strategic Planning /
  • Business Operating System / Production and Manufacturing
    System Design & Optimization /
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics / Material Handling /
  • Administration and Business Process Optimization
  • Leadership Development / Executive Coaching /

Customized Solutions

Our Group of Sensei Consultants develop Customized Solutions Utilizing a Balanced Approach for your New or Existing LEAN Program.