Podcast: The Legacy of Roy Nakaue

The Career Retrospective, Lessons Learned, and Legacy of Roy Nakaue Learn about the career of Roy Nakaue, our Master Sensei, and his more than 40-years of experience learning about and applying the Philosophy, Concepts, and Methods of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Interviewed by Kimo Oberloh, Roy shares is experience in working many different roles […]

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Podcast: TPS for Life

Why the Application of the Philosophy, Concepts, and Methods can be Applied to Business… and Also to Your Personal Life The Toyota Production System (TPS) comprises of many concepts and methods related to their Business System, and the way in which Toyota operates as a company.  However, the application of the philosophy and practices may

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Why Structured LEAN?

After working with a number of LEAN Practitioners over many years with different companies at various levels from numerous industries and countries, we’ve come across many who have had varying degrees of success throughout the assorted stages of implementation.  Most of them, I imagine like yourself, is committed to gaining the maximum benefits of what

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