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Why Structured LEAN?

After working with a number of LEAN Practitioners over many years with different companies at various levels from numerous industries and countries, we’ve come across many who have had varying degrees of success throughout the assorted stages of implementation.  Most of them, I imagine like yourself, is committed to gaining the maximum benefits of what lean can provide – both individually, as well as for the company organization you’re a part of.  You strive to learn, and implement the tools and methods.  As a result of your efforts, you want to see tangible evidence from your improvements, and reap the rewards of achieving your desired results.

However, something seems to be lacking (and maybe it’s more than one of these items):

  • I feel overwhelmed!  There seems to be too much to do, and not enough time to do it all.  Where do I even start?
  • Do the lean concepts and tools really apply to my industry or product?  Our product is highly complex, and we don’t make cars!
  • I understand the methods and concepts from a theoretical standpoint, but have difficulty translating the application to my specific situation.
  • We’ve started the process of implementing lean, but have stopped it (for whatever reason).  Now Management wants us to start again, and I’m not sure if I can get the team to buy-in.
  • I’m not really getting the results I want on a consistent basis, and sustaining the efforts over the long-term with my team is too difficult.

Does this sound like you?  If so, don’t worry because you’re not alone!  All of us have felt these (and more) at one time or another.

We Know How You Feel

We know what it feels like to be under pressure, with the expectation of delivering as the result of lean – to not only learn these new methods, but also implement them and achieve the results, while simultaneously working in your normal day-to-day job.

As former Toyota employees, who have also worked in different companies and industries implementing the same lean methods, we have faced your reality of this pressure.  However, we know the answer is not simply accepting the situation as it is.  There is a better and more systematic way of doing things in order to really gain the ultimate benefits of implementing lean!

The Purpose of Structured LEAN

Throughout our product and service offering, our purpose is to provide you with the clarity and structure for you to succeed in your lean journey – whether it is for your individual development, working with a team, or as part of a larger organizational implementation.

From general instructions on the fundamental terminology and introduction of the tools, to showing you real company examples with relevant templates and resources, to the development of a strategic roadmap, our primary focus will be on the practical application to empower your own capabilities.

A Core Team of former Toyota Executives and Managers with Careers in the Japanese Business Culture.  Coupled with an Extensive Network of Local Representatives who have been Trained and Coached in the Toyota Way.

Our Staff

based in the United States

Successful Executive Coach focusing on the Strategic Kaizen Methodology based upon the philosophy and concepts of the TOYOTA Production System.  The approach is based upon more than 35 years of personal experiences, and the sharing of lessons learned.  Results oriented, using practical application and realistic business plans in order to achieve the desired business objectives, knowing how to do this and why.

based in the United States

Highly effective management professional with more than 15 years of experience in creating business strategies, deploying policies and objectives, as well as establishing organizational structure.  Results-oriented and repeatedly promoted to work with Executives and Senior Management Teams as a result of success in leading the implementation with cross-functional teams and organizations.

based in the United States

Results oriented Senior Executive with 25+ years of successful EBITDA growth across multiple manufacturing firms through direct implementation of Lean Manufacturing methodologies, new concepts and new systems to drive efficiencies for bottom line growth.

based in Germany

Highly effective management professional with more than 25 years of experience in developing business strategies, deploying policies and objectives, as well as implementing projects to achieve results.  What distinguishes Mr. Voyé’s style is his ability analyze complex situation systemically and to communicate complex ideas within a framework that is easily understood and actionable.

based in Germany

Highly effective management professional with 20 years of experience in Operations Management, with 15 years experience in LEAN systems implementation.  Developing business and function strategies to deploy supporting policies and objectives.  Manage the project portfolio to achieve the desired results with implementation of organizational structures for long-term sustainability

based in México

Continuous improvement professional with more than 20 years of experience in planning, implementing, and leading effective change to boost and sustain business results.  By using LEAN Manufacturing and SixSigma methodologies, the key for achieving results is involving and developing employees as change agents.

based in México

Leader and management professional with focus on transforming the capacity within organizations.  With more than 25 years of international experience leading multi-disciplinary teams for performance development with diverse products, processes, and business models across the corporate, plant, and functional levels.

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