The Focal Points for Implementing a LEAN Business System

In order to establish a LEAN Business System, there are five (5) Focal Points that require a balanced approach (refer to our topic: Our Balanced Approach for Implementation).  However, most LEAN programs only start at the lower levels, with a pure focus on the Mechanical Tools…

Come learn about all of the different Focal Points, and how they are integrated with one another for an effective implementation.  Also see why our efforts focus on the Systems-Level Kaizen, and why this blueprint will drive a comprehensive approach for your program!

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The Focal Points for Implementing a LEAN Business System

Shop Floor Management System

The Integration of Business Objectives/KPI Deployment and Visual Controls in order to Facilitate Problem-Solving and Team Work


Point Kaizen, and Process Improvements

Utilizing the Multitude of Tools that are Available to Improve a Single Process or Work Cell


Systems-Level Kaizen

Focusing on the Connected Processes in order to Improve the Complete Business System Across ALL of the Functions within the Organization


Management System | Structure

Providing the Structural Elements to Achieve the Desired Business Objectives/KPIs in a Sustainable Way


Strategic Kaizen

Focusing on the Development of the Roadmap, and Implementation of the Complete Business System


LEAN Business System Implementation, with focus on the Systems-Level Kaizen

Learn more about our explanation for the Systems-Level Kaizen Approach and the background information on the Roadmap for Implementing a LEAN Business System.

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