Our Balanced Approach for Implementation

Most LEAN programs fail to sustain and achieve long-term results – sound familiar?  The simple answer has to do with little to no focus on implementing the complete LEAN Business System.  And in order to implement this, your program must have a balanced approach with three (3) core elements: 1) the Mechanical Tools; 2) the Management System; and 3) Human Aspects.

Most program efforts only focus on the Mechanical Tools, because they are relatively straight-forward and you can quickly see evidence of tangible results…

Come learn about the other elements, and why their interdependence on one another will allow your program to truly achieve your long-term desired results!

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Smart Slider, 02. Management System, Structure v1.0 [EN]
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Our Balanced Approach for Implementation

Mechanical Tools

Explain and Apply the Concepts and Methods


Management System

Build the Structure for Long-Term Sustainability


Human Aspects

Develop the Organizational Capabilities


LEAN Culture

Culture Drives Results


Our Balanced Approach for LEAN Culture

Learn more about our explanation for Our Balanced Approach and the background information for LEAN Culture.

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