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Explanation Video, Transcript

Review the Transcript from our explanation video about Toyota’s Iteration of the PDCA Cycle. For the standard explanation video, click here. Download a copy of the Explanation Video as an Audio MP3 file HERE.  Simply Right Click, and Save As.

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Explanation Video, Presentation Slides

Review the Presentation Slides from our video, explaining Toyota’s Iteration of the PDCA Cycle.  And, if you want to review our in-depth Presentation explaining the entire principle, click here.

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PDCA Worksheet [Template]

Use our Worksheet Template in order to practically apply the principles of Toyota’s Iteration of the PDCA Cycle. Download the Microsoft Excel PDCA Worksheet [Template] file. Download

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Why Structured LEAN?

After working with a number of LEAN Practitioners over many years with different companies at various levels from numerous industries and countries, we’ve come across many who have had varying degrees of success throughout the assorted stages of implementation.  Most of them, I imagine like yourself, is committed to gaining the maximum benefits of what

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Traditional PDCA Explanation, from Wikipedia

Learn more about the Traditional PDCA Explanation, from Wikipedia. This file was last edited on: 27 September 2019. For the most recent updates from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, click here.

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